Business, Travel, Design - September 5, 2023

The Importance of Creating Memorable Characters

Bikash Makaju

Bikash Makaju

Creative Director and Co-Founder

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If any of us were to design a character, we would surely think of the aesthetics, but I took some time out to tell you why it goes far beyond that and is a deep dive into the human psyche. Fantastic characters are always the important puzzle pieces in memorable stories: no memorable stories are etched in the minds of people without a character! Designing a character is creating a persona so powerful that it leaves a lasting impact on the viewers. A fascinating trip through the world of emotions, psychology, and storytelling goes into creating animated characters that connect with viewers on a profound level.

Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, and Batman. Rings a bell? These are four of the many iconic characters that have all remarkably stayed relevant throughout the generations, and as time goes, they will. While these characters have made sure to create a timeless impact on all of us, I mainly like the fact that the evolution that these characters have had has allowed them to connect with generations while the characters stuck to their core themes. A great character can and will definitely adapt and evolve to the ever-changing times and resonate with their respective ages.

It is not just about cartoons, but also many brands have utilized this power or characters and have been renowned around the world. Say, for example, you show anyone the picture of Colonel Sanders, and they will associate the character with KFC. Branding will always be successful if tied to characters or mascots. Similarly, in the context of Nepal, the newly launched vodka “Yeti” has a “Yeti” as a mascot, which in years to come, we will definitely think of the vodka instead of thinking of the mythical mountain giant

The magic of creating characters in animation definitely lies in its ability to tap into the emotions of people. While creating characters, you as a designer, are not only creating something good to look at, but something that makes the audience feel the story. A good character that you bring to life, is the one that everyone remembers, celebrates, and carries throughout the journey of life.

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