Business, Travel, Unique - September 5, 2023

The Power of Standing Out

Bikash Makaju

Bikash Makaju

Creative Director and Co-Founder

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As we age like fine wine, we're also witnessing the warp-speed expansion of the digital universe. And guess what? Nailing that audience attention is the new gold rush. Buckle up, because I am steering through the twists and turns of innovative marketing tricks. But the real superstar of our show today? It's the sensational rise of animation in marketing!

I will let you in on the scoop on why you should definitely think about it:

Captivating and Engaging Animation has the natural ability to captivate and attract the viewers like no other. This is something I swear by: there is a kid inside all of us. The happy vibrant color, combination of movements, and imaginative and fun storytelling create an immersive experience that easily captures the attention of the audience.
Breaking down Complex Concepts Remember how in Biology or any subjects in school, the teachers allowed us TV time so we could see all the dull and complicated concepts come to life with funky animated videos that just showed how easy and fun the boring subject was? Now picture that for your brand. Brands can use animation that will break down any intricate ideas into digestible ones, ensuring that even the most complicated ideas are well understood by the viewers.
Brand Awareness Granting brands creative freedom leads to effective communication of their unique identity. This has resulted in successful social media engagement and iconic character creation, forming strong audience connections. All of us have seen many brands blossom when they quirkily replied to tweets or gave their two cents on tiktoks. Animation enhances brand recognition through consistent visual identity across platforms, fostering loyalty in this competitive market.
Standing out (Sorry, I know it took TOO long to reach here) Having a competitive edge to your brand is always a good move. The hustling and bustling busy crowd, that is social media FYI, always needs a scroll-stopping, and jaw-dropping strategy to stand out from others. While some brands are heavy on targeting the emotions of their audiences, some create fun content that pauses the constant marathon (of the thumb, get it?). Animated posts and ads are more likely to be shared, commented on, and remembered, amplifying the reach of your message and strengthening your online presence.
Embracing Innovations Why should tech companies have all the fun, right? With technology evolving every day, alongside these tech companies, who are doing everything and anything to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, you should too. Integrating animation in marketing showcases the brand’s forward-thinking approach and willingness to embrace innovation (who likes old fashion anyway). Setting this perception can not only attract tech-savvy people but every one of us who are still kids at heart while helping position brands as a leader in their respective industries.

Now that you have reached here, you probably are thinking of giving animation a go. Consider this your official nudge to pause that never-ending scroll and shoot Fastblur Productions a message right away. Your creative journey awaits!